Tips For Beginners

When you start, there are some exercises to learn, with the hands of course.


These will get your fingers to recognize special commands from your brain.

Music is in all of us so you must be very patient.

You may only play a few simple tunes for a while as this is the way to teach the hands, wrists and fingers.

Remember to play for ten minutes a day for the first few weeks, your hands will gradually relax and the piano or keyboard will feel easy to play.

Don't bash the keys or play hard. Playing the piano is like stroking a cat, very smooth and careful movements so that you do not scare it away.

The tips of your fingers should always be touching the instrument even when other fingers are moving.

Drop your arm each time you play a note but don't let your wrist go too low.



Music is a wonderful way of opening doors throughout a person's life.

Remember, an instrument is for life. If you give up in the middle, what will be the future?