Welcome To Catford Music School

We source many young, professionally qualified musicians to teach in our scheme.

Our enthusiastic teachers ensure that the progress of their students is consistent.-

Our teaching methods are a modern approach to the traditionally recognized instrument techniques.

We are able to provide structured education for musical grades in an ensemble environment. 

Music is a very gradual process, daily practice even for a few minutes is important.

This will certainly ensure that you get good value for money from your music lessons.

Music students who are quick to pick up new skills and respond well to instructions will thrive at music.

The combined efforts of a good teacher and a determined student will make swift progress.

Please make sure that you have an instrument before starting lessons.


Music Grades

The exam course we follow is ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music).

There will be considerable preparation, especially for younger students,

before embarking upon the exam course.