Our Teachers, Classes & Procedures


Our teachers are all qualified musicians and C.R.B. checked to work with all age groups.

Lessons here at Catford Music School are taught in private ensembles of up to 5 students per class.

The number of students in each class varies, and is dependent upon the age, experience and ability of students, also the complexity of the music involved.

Beginner ensembles are often larger classes because the information given to every student is the same and many of the exercises are repetitive in order to instil a good basis for technique at an early stage.

The same is true of early graded classes, as all of the students share the same objective. Higher grades up to grade 5 are taught in smaller numbers to ensure the necessary attention to detail.

Private one to one lessons are recommended for the advanced grades 6 - 8 only.

All lesson payments are required in blocks of 4 lessons.


Please make all cheques payable to Catford Music School or Bellingham Music Centre

Please provide a valid cheque guarantee card.

Please arrive a few minutes early.


Music lessons are a wise investment for the future.

We will make your musical journey interesting now that you have taken the first few steps.