Piano Lesson Advice for Children

Many people start lessons with a keyboard at home and get a piano at a later stage of learning to play. Call 020-8185-7368 to book lessons.

Piano Lesson Advice
We believe that if a child has been attending piano lessons for longer than two months, with any piano teacher or with their school, then the child should be confident in performing a piece of piano music with two hands, with correct technique, confidently and with rhythm.

When sending children to music lessons, at school or with private teachers, parents in general rarely complain about lack of progress as music something they know little about. It is important that music lessons are strictly organised in order to be effective, if the results are not obvious after a short period of time it is worth asking for regular feedback about what is required, tips for practice, or perhaps consider changing your piano teacher.

For parents who are serious about creating long term motivation for their children in playing the piano, classical technique is the main route required to play gospel piano, jazz piano and other popular styles of piano music correctly.

Message from teachers at Bellingham Music Centre
At Bellingham Music Centre we use keyboards to teach piano technique so you do not need to own a traditional upright or grand piano.

If you already own a piano this will only benefit your progress so hold on to it!

At Bellingham Music Centre, piano technique is taught in groups as we have found that children, when under the correct guidance, motivate each other.

Success is in the nature of children as they often want to do anything their friends are already doing.

Bellingham Music Centre is independently run and has achieved over 500 Royal College of Music grade exams passes, merits or distinctions to date. We have proven that music exams are a positive and encouraging way for children to develop their playing skills. Our ‘can do’ approach to learning music develops the skills of every child to look for detail and aim high.

As teachers here at Bellingham Music Centre we are encouraged to give weekly feedback in order to keep a policy of honesty. Parents are always involved to make sure that children learning the piano are encouraged to co-operate with the advice of teachers.

You are encouraged to visit Bellingham Music Centre and take your children along. Young people are always motivated by others of the same age.

Bellingham Music Centre is on Randlesdown Road, SE6 3BT, which is a bustling high street off the Bromley Road. Drop by to see children playing the piano and make your own plans to enrol if you feel inspired.

We look forward to meeting you on your next visit.

Best Wishes

Alex, Brandon & Natalie